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Spinnerette Book 6

$ 20.00


Spinnerette, aka Heather Brown, is back and ready to deliver more zany antics in Mayhem in the Midwest! Ohio's Number 3 superhero continues her journey in and out of costume in her sixth graphic novel!

Help the team at Spinnyverse bring this graphic novel to life and you can own a piece of Spinnerette's journey! Pledge now to find out the answers to all the important questions!

Can Spinnerette defeat a pair of wicked sisters from the Outback? AND their were-quokka henchman?

Who is Adrastea, and will her desire for revenge destroy Marilyn's chance for a cure?

Will Heather's past as a small town pageant princess come between her and Mecha Maid? 

Spinnerette faces a dangerous choice when a morally questionable military program forces the heroes and villains to swap powers. What lengths will Heather go to in order to regain her normal abilities and bodies? 

Plus, Mayhem in the Midwest features an exclusive bonus issue starring everyone's favorite pouch-laden alternative universe hero - 90's Spinnerette! 


176 pages