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Spinnerette Book 4

$ 20.00


In Shattered, Spinnerette will find her strength, her cheer and her love sorely tested when a dark figure from Mecha Maid's past threatens her and Spinny's future. 

Colonel Glass, a telekinetic villain with a deadly affinity for all things silica-based, arrives in Columbus with horrific consequences. Mecha Maid displays an unanticipated thirst for vengeance after revealing that Glass is responsible for the deaths of her birth mother and the South Korean superhero White Heron - wife of Mecha Maid's adopted father. Faced with their most dangerous villain yet, Mecha Maid, TIger and Spinnerette must make potentially life-changing decisions in order to bring Glass to justice... or perhaps just bring him down! Can Spinnerette emerge with her cheerful spirit intact? Find out in Spinnerette: Shattered!

Collects the Spinnerette chapters 16 through 18, 0.1, plus the book-only chapter 0.2.


Full color, 128 pages. Measures 8" by 11".  Softcover.