E-book Spinnerette 8

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Winter is coming… to Ohio, anyway! Spinnerette celebrates the 8th volume of her adventures and oh, holy night, is there action galore!

Christmas dinner leads to drama when Heather’s mom isn’t so sure about her daughter’s current relationship. Of course, Mrs. Brown’s new gig as Lola Rue’s latest monstrous success story may have something to do with the uncomfortable dinner time discussion.

Spinnerette and Sheriff Brown team up to face off against a a terrifying supernatural foe!  Can this father/daughter duo save Christmas?

Revisit fan favorites Dr. Universe and Greta Gravity as they square up against a pair of familiar seeming villains that are clinging to an inglorious past. Body horror! Communism! Roomba dogs??? Yeah, you’ll have to see it to believe it!

We swing from villain to villain as Evil Spinnerette makes her epic return as a cam girl who absolutely has no evil intentions.


Things get chilly when Evil Spinnerette uses her newfound powers to manipulate the press into believing she might be Columbus, Ohio’s latest hero. But could her icy blasts be stemming from something deeper than a desire to commit evil?

And no winter in the Midwest would be complete without a tropical vacation to a chic superhero resort! Love and romance seem sure to blossom, but the trip turns sour when Spinny and Greta face off against their own doppelgangers. It’s a stretch, but things may not be quite what they seem at this exclusive getaway!

Phew! After all of that, Spinny and Co. might just need a vacation from their vacation!

As always, Spinnerette Volume 8 will include a special book-only bonus chapter.

In this case, Mecha Maid finds out that Jane Austen may have made a few errors because, well… there are two truths universally acknowledged!

1) Geese are jerks.

2) The course of true love never did run smooth.

Ok, that second part’s Shakespeare. Still! Pledge to find out what we mean!

Books are full color, 140 pages, and measure a collector's size 8" by 10".  We'll also have a limited number of hardcover copies available!