E-book Spinnerette 7

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After nearly two years, Spinnerette returns in her next epic adventure: Big Trouble in Little Ohio, the seventh collection of the Spinnerette comic series! With stories from creator Krazy Krow as well as Silent Sheppard and art by the talented team of Pablo Rey and Noelia Sequeida, you'll definitely want to pick up this latest volume!

But wait... who IS Spinnerette, you ask? 

Let's review!!

Heather Brown is your average grad student at the Ohio Research University until a freak lab accident transforms her into Columbus, Ohio's newest superhero: Spinnerette! 

As she learns the ropes on her way toward becoming Ohio's Number 3 Hero, she meets new allies, makes a few enemies and finds love in her fellow hero, Mecha Maid. 

Spinny and Mecha Maid in Action

Now, in her seventh collection of superhero antics, Spinnerette squares off against her hometown rival, Sara Nicole Megan, whose powers have, er, grown since they last squared off!

Spinnerette's going to need all the help she can get to bring The Hostess down, but Mecha Maid's more than a little worried when Heather decides to work with Ohio's Top Supervillain team... Dr. Universe and Greta Gravity!

Is their offer to help genuine? Or are they using Spinnerette for their own nefarious purposes??

It's a race to save Ohio as Spinnerette squares off with The Hostess! Can she save the day once more?


So, what else is included in Spinnerette Volume 7??

Wow, internet friend, you read my mind! Because I can't wait to tell you about the awesome extra story features included in Big Trouble in Little Ohio!

In addition to Spinnerette's battle with The Hostess, Volume 7 also includes the 62 page illustrated League of Canadian Superheroes Light Novel, featuring a story by Silent Sheppard and art by Pablo Rey and Noelia Sequeida.

And for those of you familiar with our printing projects, yes, you'll be getting an all-new bonus comic! This time we're heading back to the beginning... from Mecha Maid's perspective! Watch as Marilyn Seong (aka Mecha Maid!) tests out her prototype mobility suit, then meets and falls for the woman who will become Ohio's Number 3 Superhero!

Marilyn Seong tests out her new prototype... and gains some new powers!

All in all, it's 144 pages of Spinnerette and the world of the Spinnyverse, all in one beautifully printed volume!